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The benefits of small group fitness classes: Why you should give them a try

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Have you ever thought, “Exercise is boring” or “I don’t like working out alone”? If this is the case, you are not alone. These are two of the most common reasons for not exercising. 

Thankfully, there are solutions. Group exercise classes may be the answer if you are looking for motivation to work out or if you are not progressing in your current gym routines. 

Many people may feel more confident in sticking to their fitness plans if you hold small group training sessions. There are several advantages to doing this, the main one is that people feel accountable to show up and have fun with others. 

Although breaking a sweat in front of strangers may not sound appealing, it can be extremely beneficial. In this post, we’ll go over the benefits of group exercise classes so you can decide if they are a good fit for you! 


What is small group training?  

Small group training is similar to personal training, where a group of people works with one trainer instead of working one-on-one. Many people prefer group exercise because it is more affordable and comfortable. A typical training session for this type of training includes 6 to 10 people. 

If you take a look at the number of people in a class size, you may be confused and assume it is a fitness class. In fact, they are very different from regular gym classes because they are personalized to each individual. 

Every exercise in a group exercise class is written and laid out by a personal trainer and is tailored to each member’s fitness and health issues. These individuals also serve as coaches and assist in the creation of nutrition plans to supplement their group training sessions. 

Some of the benefits of the Small Group Fitness Classes

Small group classes are a no-brainer if you want to make the gym experience more enjoyable for members because of the following reasons: 

They are cost-effective. 

Gym memberships can be very affordable, but a standard gym pass may not be enough to keep your members coming back. At the same time, a personalised training session can be too expensive, making it hard for some members to pay. On the other hand, because it falls in the middle of the two, a small group training session can be very reasonably priced. Small group training sessions can often fit into a member’s budget while also allowing them to see results from assessments. 

Personal attention 

Many people in gyms come from various backgrounds and have different levels of fitness. If any of your team members lack experience, they might struggle to see results with just the help of the standard tools. Similarly, they might only make limited progress if they enrol in general group classes where they are exposed to various instructors and students every week.  

Members in small group training sessions, on the other hand, have access to the same coach and receive personalised plans based on their fitness and dietary needs. This means the instructor can correct your form and provide feedback on your progress. This level of focus is especially beneficial for beginners who may be intimidated by a large class setting. 


When you work out in a group setting, you are surrounded by people who are committed to reaching their fitness goals. This can be very motivating and inspiring, and it can help you stay on track with your workout routine. 

Small group training can help you push yourself further than you would on your own. Having someone right beside you can motivate you to go that extra mile and work that extra hour. 

Finally, these training sessions can assist you in making new friends and developing a supportive community. Working out with the same people week after week can help you build long-term relationships and a positive support system. 


One of the most common reasons for taking a group fitness class is that they are simply enjoyable. It can feel more like a party than a workout when music is playing, and everyone else is working with you, sharing in the struggle and the success. This is particularly true of cycling and step aerobics classes, which were designed with high-energy music and a social atmosphere in mind. 

If the social aspect of group fitness appeals to you, look for studios or gyms that offer a variety of dance-fitness classes. LES MILLS BODYJAM, Zumba, and Jazzercise are some of the popular “dance-style” options across the country. 


If you’re new to working out, you might be unsure where to start or how to organise your routine. There are numerous factors to consider if you want your workout to be well-rounded and safe. 

Warm-ups assist in loosening stiff muscles and gradually raising your heart rate before engaging in strenuous activity. Cool-downs are necessary to bring your heart rate down and stretch all of the muscle groups used in class. Both of these are necessary in order to avoid injury. 

Your instructor will also design a balanced workout that incorporates different muscle groups and ensures that no muscle groups are overworked. 

Increases accountability 

Staying consistent is the most difficult aspect of fitness, and it is one of the most common issues for your gym members. Nowadays, small group training sessions must be paid for in advance, as opposed to monthly gym passes. 

As a result, the large financial fee that has already been paid gives members a reason to stay motivated and continue training. Furthermore, members who do not attend the small group training class will almost certainly be charged for their absence. Accountability, however, is not just about money; participants are also likely to attend more classes because of the shared goals of their classmates. The additional support from their coach and members will also allow them to feel more confident in achieving their goals and continuing to attend your gym. 

It makes working out less stressful

Fitness can be mentally and physically exhausting, especially. This is because you must plan your fitness for each day in order to complement your abilities and different areas of your body. The fitness experience can be challenging if your gym has members who have busy professional lives and lack time to design effective workout schedules. A small group training programme can relieve members’ stress and pressure because it has already been organised by a trainer. All they have to do is show up, work out, and have fun during their training session. 

Meet New People 

When you were younger, your parents probably warned you about the dangers of peer pressure. Despite the fact that you are now an adult, your decisions are most likely influenced by those closest to you. 

If your friends do not share your goals or even look down on your healthy lifestyle, you may find it more difficult to achieve your fitness objectives. Similarly, friends who value their health will assist you in making better decisions. 

Group fitness classes are an excellent place to meet new, like-minded people. They can assist you in sticking to your goals and setting new ones. Positive influences are essential for long-term success. 

Increases Your Confidence 

Working out in a group can also boost your self-esteem and confidence. When you exercise, you give yourself more reasons to be proud of yourself. This is especially true when significant progress is made. 

When you first start a class, you may use the lightest weights, but as you participate in it more frequently, you will increase the weight you use. Any progress in the right direction will boost your confidence and make you feel more optimistic. 

Regular exercise can also help you improve your posture. According to scientific evidence, this can boost your self-esteem even further. 

Results based 

Well, this kind of training session helps keep members showing up and making an effort to get their results. When you’re in a small group, you get the trainer’s expertise as well as the support of your fellow participants. Trainers keep track of members’ weights, dietary habits, and fitness challenges. It can assist people in achieving their goals, whether they are in strength training or trying to lose weight. 

The instructors then look back and reflect on the member’s progress, looking at both the accomplishments and the shortcomings every few weeks. This personalised, results-oriented approach may encourage your members to continue attending and purchasing additional small-group training classes. Working in a group can also instil habits in members. 

So, if you’re looking for a way to get healthy and fit, then you can consider small group training. With all of its great benefits, it could be the ideal solution for you. 

What kind of group exercise can you do? 

When you train with others for fitness or as a form of physical recreation for fun, you are engaging in group exercise. Group exercise can take the form of a team sport such as soccer, basketball, or netball. It could be a fitness class like cardio or spin (stationary bikes). 

When you attend a fitness class, an instructor will demonstrate what you should do. The instructor will accommodate students of varying fitness levels. You could hire a personal fitness instructor to design an exercise programme that is tailored to your specific health needs and limitations. Personal training sessions can be one-on-one or in small groups. 

Fitness classes and team sports are held at sports and recreation centres, gyms, pools, and public fields. 

Participate in Group Exercise Classes at PTSPOT 

As you can see, exercising with friends or in a group is extremely beneficial. You will not only be more likely to stick to your routine, but you will also have more fun. 

If you’re still unsure about group exercise classes, why not try one out the next time you’re at the gym? At PTSPOT, we have programs for people of all fitness levels, including pilates, yoga, spin, strength, and more. You will find classes that will help you achieve your goals while also having fun. 

Are you willing to try group exercise classes? If so, take a look at our class schedule right now! 

Wrapping Up!

Small group training has numerous advantages for both you as a gym owner and your fitness members. For starters, it can assist you in creating a thriving community where members feel valued and find ways to connect with one another. This community creates an environment that can make people happy and persuade potential gym members to join.

Furthermore, small group training is inclusive, extremely affordable for a diverse range of people from various backgrounds, and profitable for you because you train a large number of members at once. Most importantly, it increases your gym’s diversity, giving you an advantage over your competitors. Add small group training to your services if you haven’t already.


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