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Top 15 Tips To Start Your Fitness Journey At Your Own Home

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Did you hit gym last week? No!

Can you recall how long ago did you take any physical training? No clue.

Maybe you attempted strength training as a part of your home workout plan just a few months ago but lost motivation and lost your memory. Sad but true !

Still you can reach your fitness goals and improve your health no matter how far you are from them today.

Making and adhering to fitness schedule is crucial for any fitness goal. But the most effective way to stay motivated and on track for most of us is by joining a gym or taking any fitness class or through home based training program.

In this article we suggest you top 15 workout programs that can bring positive change on your level of fitness.

How to start with fitness journey? A game changer!

Running machines, rowing machines, ellipticals, stair steppers, free weights, squat racks, and so forth.

When looking for ways to make healthy habits a reality, plenty of options are available.

The variety of options is significant, but some people struggle when they do not know which choice is correct.

When you decide to make healthy changes while ending old habits, you can change your life for the better.

Through lifestyle change you can improve your mood, confidence, and stay motivated.

In fact, you’ll eventually succeed if you’ve got the right game plan, which is why we’ve outlined a few fit and healthy strategies for success.

How Fit Are You? Take a fitness assessment

Is fitness a way of life? Yes it is.

Even if you think you are fit, we strongly recommend assessing and recording your baseline fitness scores against the previous progress.

Recording your aerobic fitness, muscular fitness, flexibility, and body composition can help you gain access on your healthy lifestyle.

How should you keep track of your daily activity?

Well, its easy, and here we have outlined few of the basic assessment:

  • Before and after walking a mile measure your pulse rate.
  • You can do as many standards or modified pushups as you like but keep a count of it.
  • Measure your BMI (Body Mass Index).
  • Keep track of your body weight before you start anything.

Build a home based fitness journey

Setting goals and following a plan can be very helpful, especially if you want to reach them for longer period.

When in self-doubt a professional might be able to create this for you, or look for a program run by a certified professional.

a) Consider the following fitness regime for endurance:

You should think about your weight training – are you trying to lose weight or build muscle? Staying motivated and gauging your progress is easier if you have clearly defined goals.

b) Consider writing your exercise routine on paper to stay motivated and on track.

  • The best way to start exercising is to start slow and progress carefully. You can use any resistance training designed by your personal trainer for injury prevention.
  • Most people do not have time to exercise, so we encourage you to build regular activity in your schedule. Commit and stick to it.
  • Establish a balanced routine. There is no need to exercise 2 hours a day for incredible health benefits. Physical activity of any amount, no matter how small, is beneficial. In addition to being active throughout the day, health benefits are derived from short period of activity.
  • Your body needs time to recuperate and rest between sessions, so don’t push.

Lastly, switch up your activities and keep things interesting. Whenever you take up regular fitness program, you avoid, you find the repetition boring. So to keep the maximum reps interesting exercise that uses multiple body parts, such as walking, swimming, and strength training.

Bored of doing workouts alone , join in anyone

Maintain motivation and stay on track by working out together.

You can keep yourself accountable, and your friend or family member can act as a significant motivator when you bring them with you .

Keeping up with your routine will be easier since you won’t want to let each other down.

Enhance your chance of success by partnering up with a workout buddy so you can celebrate your achievements together.

Make sure your weight equipment is ready

Make sure you pick the right equipment for your fitness regime.

It would be a good idea to start by getting a pair of good trainers. Choose trainers that are appropriate for your weightlifting activity.

Running trainers, for instance, are lighter than cross-training shoes, as it has more support.

Please make sure you choose exercise equipment for lifting weights, clothes fit and fitness accessories that are practical, enjoyable, and easy to use.

Track your exercise progress by starting small

Achieve your goals with a small start.

Don’t take on too much of work in a single week. Find time to exercise for 15-45 minutes every day for a week.

You should establish a workout routine and stick to it rather than worry about the duration and type of workout you do.

In the second week, after the first week is over, take a step further by trying to fit in one more workout or five minutes of cardio or biceps exercise.

Short activities, particularly for beginners, can be beneficial even if you don’t have time.

Get fit with healthy habits

Maintaining healthy habits is essential to achieving your goals. An easy way to develop these habits is to treat yourself with nutritious meal.

Be sure your daily routine includes healthy habits that align with your goals. Having these habits as part of your daily routine will allow you to incorporate them in your everyday activities.

Do not attempt to incorporate too many things in your daily routine at once. Keeping yourself healthy is a lifelong achievement, not a temporary fix.

Incorporating proper nutrition routine can improving sleep. Besides making you feel better every day, it will also assist you through your recovery time.

It will be easy for you to keep up with the action plan if you maintain a routine.

 Get fitter with healthy diet

Physical activity alone does not constitute fitness. For your workouts to be effective, you must also ensure that your body receives the necessary nutrition.

When preparing meal schedule, keep a track on the number of calories intake, your cholesterol level, your body fat and glutes.

The consumption of false fats, sweets, artificial colors and flavors, among other things, can affect your immunity and hinder the production of fat-burning hormones.

Educate your body and mind about healthy eating habits and stick on your meal routine. Also make sure to consume healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, protein, fruits and vegetables.

Make water your drink of choice

If you shift to a daily routine and exercise regularly, you’ll need to drink more water. The body’s signals are essential, so don’t ignore them!

Hydrate yourself before, during, and after exercise. Nutritional distribution is improved by water, which keeps you energised and healthy.

You may experience muscle cramps, fatigue, and disorientation if your body isn’t adequately hydrated.

You should hydrate and refresh after intense workouts. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water throughout the training.

Avoid wasting your progress with cheat days

When it comes to cheating, make sure you do it smartly.

There is nothing wrong with occasionally enjoying a small piece of chocolate, but do not go overboard, or you can undo all your hard work.

Maintain a balance between workouts and healthy eating, along with the occasional treat, to reap the benefits of your fitness routine for lifetime.

Bootcamp challenges: Take it

The world throws you curveballs all the time. Accept the challenges!

Despite your best effort, you only manage to work out for three days. After a long day at work, you cannot get out of bed to exercise, then take a boot camp challenge.

Consider trying a new training approach if you have trouble staying motivated to exercise. Prepare a strategy in advance to stay motivated.

Actively change your routine in small ways or join any bootcamps. It is more beneficial to exercise than not to exercise.

Also, remember why you’re doing it with some motivational quotes.

Ensure you get enough sleep

Quality sleep is essential for achieving goals.

You cannot reach your goals without taking good care of your health.

Other priorities, such as work or business, may take up your time, preventing you from sleeping enough or changing your sleeping method.

Achieving your goals will be more challenging if you sleep only a few hours every night. Embrace the deeply restorative powers of sleep by embracing the deeply restorative powers of sleep.

Organise your activities around a sleep schedule where you can get seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

Getting enough sleep is particularly important for your body to gain strength after a workout.

Follow the 80-20 balance rule

When you begin your fitness journey, you don’t have to stop everything else. It’s all about balancing fitness and health. Take a break once in a while!

Find something you enjoy and keep an open mind. Getting where you want to go is only possible with patience and determination. The most important thing is to remember to love yourself at the end of the day.

Don’t be afraid to commit for any type of training

Commit yourself, even if it’s small. If you’re looking for success, you might not want to commit yourself to work out for 100 consecutive days.

Building consistency will be easier if you start exercising twice a week for two weeks and gradually increase to daily workouts.

Occasionally, you will be thrown off with the commitment. There’s nothing to worry about! What matters most is how you respond to the change. Just take it!

No matter what life throws you with, keep working towards your goal.

A progress log of every squat and exercise

Assess your fitness level at the beginning and continue to do so after six weeks and on every couple of months. Log in your daily activities, your steps, cardio and strength training to measure your performance.

For variety, set new goals or take up a recent activity if you are losing motivation and drive.

Take advantage of recovery days

Muscles are stressed on every workout. Take off for few days. Don’t push if you have leg cramps or body pain. Take is slow and steadily.

Since exercise puts lot of strain on your body, give yourself ample time to recover so you can continue. Therefore, allow yourself at least a day to rest between workouts if you train for more than three consecutive days.

Beginners health and fitness : Hire a personal trainer

You may have dedication, you may have even planned a schedule for workout, but you don’t know the fitness jigsaw. Meaning, you don’t know the speedy and stable process to gradually strengthen your fitness level. So what can be done? Answer is simple, get support from a personal trainer.

But how can you find a good trainer? It’s an obvious question for the beginners. You can access range of trainers, nutritionists and fitness guider at Pt Spot. Get yourself registered today to access thousands of profile to begin your fitness regime.

Start your fitness journey – Now is the time!

It’s time to get started! Start your fitness journey now, not next week, month, or year to attain your fitness spirit. Keep yourself on track with your goals by embracing each day with positive intention. For more fitness tips and lifestyle journey, stay connected with us!


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